Friday, July 31, 2009

Green blue blossom - Sandwich Sak Back To School

Try these eco-friendly sandwich/snack bags to carry your lunch to work or send along with your child to school. Once you try one of these reusable bags, you'll get rid of all those Ziploc baggies you'd end up throwing away anyway.

As the seller mentions, this bag can also be used to carry makeup, coupons, etc. What a great way to store things in an environmentally friendly way!

Get this stylish bag for $7.50 at


Ruth said...

Thank you so much,
yesterday I received a convo
telling how wonderful the bag looks bla bla bla.they would like to wrote about them and...... asking for a give away
I gently refused.

A real compliment is when you write without letting me know in advance, not even hinting about return.

you made my day

I wish you happy life


Lydia said...

Cute Bag!