Thursday, August 6, 2009

Moroccan Boxwood Honey Spoon Handcrafted in Morocco, North Africa

Buy this one-of-a-kind honey spoon for a good cause. 33% of the sale price will be used for local development projects directly helping the villagers residing in Agouti. The remaining sale price will go to the craftsmen.

A note from the store, AssociationIghrem:

"This honey spoon was carefully handcrafted in a small Amazigh village in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, North Africa. The craftsmen of this set, Brahim, has been working on wood crafts for over 10 years. Brahim uses Boxwood as one of his favorite woods for its malleability, exceptional grain design and incomparable strength. Products made from Boxwood can withstand years of use and yet is often simply displayed for its beauty.

Brahim first started carving products to sell to locals and tourists. However, he wanted it not only to benefit the user but his entire village. In order to do this, Brahim created and now is the president of Association Ighrem which focuses on the development of his village. Every carved item sold a significant portion is donated to the association Ighrem which allows the association to implement development projects to improve everyone's livelihood in Brahim's village."

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