Monday, September 7, 2009

Set of 8 Recycled wine bottle Glasses (mixed)

It's great when you find unique items made from recycled materials. This set of eight glasses by bodhicittais made from old wine bottles. The glasses come in a variety of colors and are approximately 3.5" tall.

This shop,, also has a great message,

DID YOU KNOW that only 25% of glass containers are actually recycled! That means when four glass containers go out into our world only one makes it's way back!!! 3 of the glass containers meet a terrible fate of 4000 years in the landfill!! What a shame. So my mission is to RESCUE some of these bottles, make them into something USEFUL again, then find good LOVING homes for them. I do this by finding orphaned bottles behind the local bars and restaurants in my hometown. I then wash and sterilize each bottle. Next, using my 8 years of glassblowing experience I carefully cut off the tops then FIRE POLISH the rims so they are completely smooth. What you end up with is Rewined Recycled Glassware: Completely utilitarian (and super cool) glassware made from NOTHING NEW. No virgin raw material is required. I believe when we divert waste from the landfill by finding NEW USES for the things we create, we help ease the strain on our over-burdened EARTH and live more in BALANCE. You can help by using Rewined Recycled Glassware! Adopt a set today!!! Future generations thank you for your MINDFULNESS."

Get this set of glasses for $70 from

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